“Ramnous” monument

The excavations at Ramnus have revealed so far, monuments formerly of the 5th c.., an indication that the cult of Nemesis there should not be older than the beginning of this century.

The oldest surviving remains of the temple is the small church, called Themis, though probably he was dedicated to Nemesis, and one only visible by dry stone retaining wall, east of the temples.

Important monument of the sanctuary is the great Doric temple of Nemesis, of which survive in location, a part of the platform, the south wall, parts of eastern and western walls of the nave and the lower parts, six columns of the colonnade and a the precursor.

Also preserved a slab of marble paving of the original into the nave. The temple, Doric colonnade of 6 x 12 columns and cella with pronaos and opisthodomos antis, built in the Second Half of the 5th century. white marble of the region, except the bottom rung of the platform, which is gray marble, also the same region.