National Park Schinias

The National Park Schinias Marathon is located in Attica and the plain of Marathon, the namesake region.

Distance from Athens, about 40 km north-east and is the most important coastal ecosystem in Attica, joins presents great interest as a landscape based on a delicate water balance.

The area is 13.84 square km (including the sea area). It consists of a forest of Koukounaries, the Great Marsh, the Cynosure Peninsula, the coast and marine zone. In the past, the wetland was part of the coastal station communication Kato Souli U.S. (in the region until the early 90’s operated by the American Base N. Makri & Kato Souli).

An important natural and economic resource supra importance as each year attracts thousands of visitors to recreation (enjoyment coast, swimming, water sports, the vast majority), the bird watching and enjoying the landscape.

The area belongs to the Natura 2000 network code GR 3000003 with a total of 19 habitat types and 115 species of birds and 215 species of potential diversity and there are endangered species of freshwater fish, amphibians and reptiles.

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